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What is Cilgin Boga?

ÇILGIN BOĞA® is an Energy drink which has minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. By the composition of the above-mentioned substance it increases your physical and spiritual strengths, refreshes your body, increases the concentration and holds you awake.

By the perfect composition of the ingredient CILGIN BOGA® is different from all other Energy drinks.

The ingredient of CILGIN BOGA® were put together optimally after researches of the experts.



Who can drink Cilgin Boga?

Every man loses energy in his activity, the most important is to produce the lost energy again. Cold CILGIN BOGA® one egg refreshes you and helps to collect your energies again and increases your physical and spiritual strengths. It tastes exquisite and a very modern and luxurious are also drink for your friends and known.

Who are these "friends" ?


  • Athlete (increase to which the performance)
  • The pupil (increase to which concentration in the lesson)
  • Driver (to remain awake on the road for certain)
  • Worker (to feel around himself strongly and be productive)
  • Official (soothe around stress)
  • Teacher (to be quiet and patient)
  • Business people (to make concentratedly new business)
  • Party funs (increase the pleasure and be firm by the next day)
  • Guards (to remain awake)

and many other professions ...

Ingredients of Cilgin Boga


Taurine is one of the most abundant organic compounds. It was first isolated from the bile of the ox, and this is where its name is derived from: the Latin word for ox, Bos taurus.

Taurine is present both in mammals and in almost all lower species as well as in the plant kingdom, with especially high concentration in algae. In addition, numerous kinds of fish and other marine animals contain taurine.

Taurine is the most frequently occurring free amino acid in the human body and can make up as much as 50% of all free amino acids. A 70-kg human contains up to 70g of taurine. Taurine can be found in high amounts in human tissue, especially in muscle, liver, lungs, brain and bile.


Caffeine occurs naturally in more than 63 species of the plant kingdom. In leaves, seeds, or different kinds of fruit, caffeine is often found together with chemically very similar compounds like methylxanthines, theobromine and theophylline.

The better known natural sources of caffeine are the coffee bean (caffeine content 1 - 2%), the African Cola seed (caffeine content 2%) and tea leaves (caffeine content 1- 5%).
The guarana plant growing in the south of Venezuela possesses seeds containing a relatively high amount of caffeine (4 - 8%).

Beverages like coffee or tea that are prepared by means of a plant extract can show a significantly different caffeine content.

When consumed moderately, caffeine has the following effects:

  • stimulating
  • increases the force of cardiac contraction
  • enlarges blood vessels and bronchies
  • diuretic
  • promotes acidity production of the stomach
  • raises adrenaline level


Glucuronolactone can be found in flora as well as in the animal world. It is a product from the carbohydrate-metabolism.

For animals it plays an important role as essential element of nearly all fibrous-and connective tissues.

Furthermore this substance has vital importance regarding the detoxication of internal and external substances within the human body.


Inositol is like glucose a carbohydrate. It was originally discovered more than 100 years ago in the urine of diabetics.

Inositol is a component in animal and vegetarian foodstuff. The human being consumes approximately 1g inositol per day through fruit and vegetables.

Benefits of Cilgin Boga

Physical use:

  • It helps bacteria against the harmful one to form this one in the body and accelerates the sputum of such pests (Glucuronolacton)
  • Strengthen thought flow, delay or oppression of the tiredness feeling. (Caffeine)
  • This one strengthens by hold fortunes. (Vitamins)

Spiritual use:

  • Increase the concentration. (Caffeine)
  • The tiredness feeling suppresses. (Caffeine)
  • The reaction time accelerates. (Caffeine)

As well as you see CILGIN BOGA® your physical and spiritual strengths more and more both in summer and in the winter months.